We continuously strive to build a strong and firm relationship with our clients, through our brand ‘Mazaya’, by our unceasing commitment to our set values, which stand as primary pillars for success, and drive us towards unleashing our passion to serve our clients as we evolve together.

Focused on Quality

We base all our operations on quality to efficiently deliver to our clients, premium tobacco-molasses and herbal-molasses products made from natural ingredients.

Empowered by Transparency

Since our work is directly related to the tastes of our customers, we are therefore committed to remain transparent at all times and in every step of our work, to ensure optimal decision making.

Attentive to Partnerships

We have established an integrative platform, connecting us to our partners and customers, through which we provide them with fully integrated services pushing forward our collaboration.

Distinguished with Development

Through our up-to-date review and follow-up on all advancements occurring in the tobacco-molasses industry, we are able to continuously enhance our efficiency and performance, in order to provide to our customers premium products that suit their tastes and expectations.

Committed to Customers

Driven by our customers’ confidence and trust, we strive to provide them with new innovative and unconventional products that will constantly meet all their expectations and needs.

Founded on Proficiency

With our keen selection process, our competent cadres understand and comply with our occupational guidelines, and are motivated to further develop and employ their skills in order to successfully achieve our business objectives.