After over a decade of leading the Middle East market in the manufacturing, distribution and sales of the finest types of cigarettes, we, at Alzawrae Company, have moved towards expanding our scope of work by investing our full resources and expertise in the manufacturing of tobacco-molasses, through our new distinctive brand ‘Mazaya’, which was launched in 2010. Through Mazaya, we aim at revolutionizing the production of tobacco-molasses meeting the latest international quality standards and leaving a unique imprint in this industry; therefore, presenting to our customers a diverse and innovative selection of high quality products that meet their diverse tastes and needs. Moreover, Mazaya is committed to the implementation of its strategic plans that move towards achieving its vision and mission in harmony with its set objectives, through embracing a uniquely innovative and fully integrated model.

Right from the start, “Mazaya” was able to lead the market setting new benchmarks, as it focused on the implementation of a series of key factors such as, relying on premium French tobacco resources for the manufacturing of tobacco-molasses; and using the highest safety standards through all its production, packaging and distribution phases. Furthermore, “Mazaya” focused on market needs and adjusted accordingly, in order to meet its continuous changes.

Today, “Mazaya” seeks to expand the base of its success globally, with its product innovations opening up new potentials and market opportunities for the tobacco-molasses industry. Moreover, the brand’s customer trust and full understanding of all it has to offer was the empowering platform for such expansion, for the “Mazaya” basket overflows with a huge selection of premium European flavors and diverse products that serves to all tastes.