Mazaya Mix... Your mood is in the mix

Mazaya Mix is a product that was innovatively created by Alzawrae and distributed to the market as a limited edition. It allows hookah lovers to enjoy their favorite flavors, in addition to having the chance to create their own mixes, allowing them to explore and discover new flavors. This unique and innovative experience begins with the packaging, as we have placed in a tin box two flavors that are packed in separate re-sealable bags to maintain the flavor, allowing the consumer to purchase either one box or the whole five available varieties and have the flexibility to create individualized flavors and enjoy the special taste of their tailor-made hookah.

Plant expansion mid of 2014

As part of our short term strategic planning, we, at Alzawrae, have set forth to widely expand our plant, adding new production lines in order to increase our production capacity, so as to meet the increasing demand for our products in both our Arab and International markets. As for our long-term strategic plans, we aim at constructing new plants in Egypt, Turkey and UAE, in order to expand our geographic reach and deliver to our customers wherever they are.